Best Nature for Iron Hands in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Big metal palms.

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Iron Hands is a brand new Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet and is taking Tera Raid Battles by storm with its fantastic stat spread, Attack and buff options, and general usefulness in almost any situation. It can get even better with the proper Nature, pushing its fantastic abilities into S-tier territory. Be aware that Iron Hands is only available in Violet, but if you have Scarlet, you can co-op into a Violet player’s world and add this powerful Pokémon to your team.

The Nature you want for Iron Hands in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Image via The Pokémon Company

Iron Hands is neither fast nor built for Special Attack or Defense. Instead, its base HP is a whopping 150, its normal Attack is 140, while its Special Attack is just 50, as is its Speed, so the Nature you pick will ideally increase its Attack while lowering one of its Special stats. You should try to keep anything from lowering either Speed or Defense (a healthy 108); reducing either put a serious hamper on Iron Hands’ combat prowess. The Natures you do want are:

  • Adamant, the best overall Nature for Iron Hands. Adamant raises normal Attack and lowers Special Attack. You should never use a non-physical attack with Iron Hands, so this reduction won’t affect you.
  • Naughty, a good second Nature option for Iron Hands. Naughty also raises Attack at the cost of Special Defense, which is a worse trade-off, but the reduced stat was already so low as to be almost nonexistent at high levels.

You never want any of the following Natures, as they all either lower Attack or raise Special Attack.

  • Bold (- Attack)
  • Calm (- Attack)
  • Mild (+ Special Attack)
  • Modest (- Attack, + Special Attack)
  • Quiet (+ Special Attack)
  • Rash(+ Special Attack)
  • Timid (- Attack)

If you plan to take on six-star Tera Raids, you can get by with other natures, but you’ll want to eventually breed or capture an Iron Hands with either Adamant or Naughty for the ultimate weapon.