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Image via Game Freak

Best Nature for Tadbulb and Bellibolt in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A shockingly goofy addition to any team.

Bellibolt is a silly lil’ fella. A walking blob bursting with Electric energy, Bellibolt has a decent stat pool and useful unique ability that make it a wonderful consideration for your team. If you’re interested in running this goofy-looking Pokemon, you’ll want to know the best Nature for Tadbulb and Bellibolt in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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What is the best nature for Tadbulb and Bellibolt?

Paragraph2: Let’s break down Bellibolt’s base stats. 109 HP, 91 Defense, and 83 Special Defense mean that this thing has plenty of bulk to survive whatever comes — 103 Special Attack and 45 Speed, however, means that it’ll be slow to put on the hurt. This is a prime Trick Room candidate, especially with its unique ability and single typing, so you’re looking at either a Modest Nature (for non-Trick Room use) or a Quiet Nature (inside of Trick Room.) You can also consider Sassy to bolster it’s Special Defense a little bit.

Image via Game Freak

Bellibolt’s best ability and moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Bellibolt gets three Ability choices — Static, which can paralyze opponents if they make contact with Bellibolt, Damp, which prevents Explosion moves from working, and Electromorphosis, a unique ability that powers up Electric moves by 50% every time Bellibolt takes damage. This is the one you want because, with that bulk and speed, Bellibolt is definitely going to be taking damage — Static slows down opponents, and odds are good you are running Bellibolt inside of Trick Room, so you don’t want your opponents to be slower than you.

With its high Special Attack stat, we want Bellibolt to be focused on Special Attacks, like Thunderbolt, Weather Ball, Charge Beam, Chilling Water, and Mud Shot. Bellibolt also has access to Slack Off, to support its bulk, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Light Screen, Reflect, and the usual support moves like Rest and Protect.

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