Best solo classes for Guild Wars 2

Make your own way.

Image via NCSoft

Playing a multiplayer game on your own carries many unique pleasures. You don’t have to coordinate your schedule or deal with angry teammates, you can go at your own pace, and you get to feel like a badass for doing on your own what takes others a full party to accomplish. We recommend using one of these three specializations. If you want to power through Guild Wars 2 as a party of one.

Fire Weaver

Using a combination of swords, fire magics, and conditions, Fire Weavers are able to burst down endgame bosses faster than any other specialization. The tradeoff here is risk and reward: Fire Weavers are harder to play than either of the other classes on this list, but consequently, have the most engaging gameplay. For the satisfaction of conquering massive foes with nothing but your skills, Fire Weavers cannot be beaten.


Herald specialized Revenants with greatswords and condition-focused build are built from the ground up to excel at solo play. Using this specialty you can steamroll almost all PvE content solo by giving yourself boons and your opponents conditions. Heralds are ideal if you want a relaxing play style where you can plow through content without too much micromanagement.


Mesmers that use the Mirage specialization and focus on conditions can nullify nearly all damage received from enemies. Equipped and played correctly, you will dodge almost every attack your enemies throw at you while steadily whittling them down with a never-ending stream of illusions. This playstyle has many tricks available and has the most versatility of the classes on this list.