Best starting characters for Marvel Future Revolution

There’s no wrong choice here.

Image via Netmarble

Marvel Future Revolution is a game wholly built on the idea of the multiverses many heroes coming together to stop the Convergence. While there are quite a few heroes undoubtedly on the way in the future, the few we have access to at launch have various powers that will make playing them more accessible or complex than others. Here are the best heroes to start out in Marvel Future Revolution.

As of this writing, there are eight playable characters, and upon starting the game for the first time, you can choose up to four to unlock permanently. You should really choose your favorite since all the heroes are powerful, but these are the four we would recommend.

Captain America

Screenshot by Gamepur

Captain America is the best up-and-close brawler in Future Revolution and does not have many weaknesses in the game, thanks to his high defense. Without Hulk in the game as of this writing, Captain America is the only tank present and a suitable beginner’s choice.

Captain Marvel

Screenshot by Gamepur

Captain Marvel is arguably the best offensive character in Future Revolution. She can fly around and has many range attacks. If you are playing single-player missions, she is probably your best choice, making her an excellent early game decision.

Iron Man

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Iron Man is the only one-star difficulty hero in Future Revolution because he is so straightforward to play. He puts out pretty good damage from range and has simple attacks that are easy to understand, making him perfect for someone getting acclimated to the game.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Spider-Man is one of the best PvP options in Future Revolution because of his quick attacks, but once you understand his abilities, he is great in PvE as well. Of course, plenty of people will be playing Spider-Man, to begin with anyway, because he is one of the most famous heroes ever.