Top 10 Best Undertale Minecraft Skins

Bring Undertale’s characters into your Minecraft adventures with these top 10 fan-favorite skins. Whether it’s Papyrus, Sans, SkinDex offers an array of options.

Undertale has some iconic characters throughout its story. From VRChat to Minecraft, there are plenty of ways to represent your favorites through a bit of crossover action.

No matter what character takes up most of your brain space, there will be plenty of options on SkinDex for you to try. From The Great Papyrus to characters like Nabstablook or even the dog that represents Toby Fox, there are plenty of options you can choose from if you want to play Minecraft with a little bit of Undertale thrown into the mix. In this short list, we’ll go over the many SkinDex options that you have if you want Undertale to be a part of your Minecraft playthrough.

10. Muffet

Image via SkinDex

Muffet is a cute antagonistic character that Frisk meets during their time in the underground. While you can’t have a Muffet skin with eight legs, unfortunately, you can still get the next best thing on SkinDex, which is an accurate Muffet skin. From the colors to her outfit and eye layout, all look nicely accurate and detailed, from front to back.

9. Sans

Image via SkinDex

It wouldn’t be an Undertale list without one of the punniest skeletons. Whether you’re in voice chat just to torture your friends with your best Sans impression or just to have a skin of your favorite character in the server, this skin for Sans is a great representation with which to do so. The details are accurate down to the colors the creator uses, even emphasizing that the slippers are pink slippers that are thicker in the front and thinner in the back.

8. Nabstablook

Image via SkinDex

If you’ve ever wanted to be a timid ghost or are already one in name only, the Nabstablook skin is a perfect fit. It may be a little detailed, but when you take a look at Nabstablook’s original sprite, you’ll find it’s not too big in the way of detail, either. One noticeable and quite appreciated detail is that Nabstablook remains true to his model even in skin form: he has no arms, instead having blue accents that match the ruins you find him in.

7. Toby Fox Dog

Image via SkinDex

The dog, or as the character is better known, the Toby Fox Dog, is an iconic representation of Undertale wrapped up into one character. Besides Sans or Frisk, the Undertale Dog is the most recognizable skin you could use to display that you love the series. There is little complexity you can take with a skin like this, given what the original sprite looks like. However, what the sprite does demand is executed on the skin perfectly, the smile looking exactly how it does on the actual dog from Undertale.

6. Temmie

Image via SkinDex

If you miss that specific genre of the internet, speak from 2012 and whereabouts, the Temmie skin is ready for you to return to your roots. It has everything you could want in a Temmie, from its iconic shirt to the lopsided way the eyes and nose rest on the face. Because Temmie is a cat-like creature, one interesting detail to note about this skin is that even the tail and ears are visible.

5. Papyrus

Image via SkinDex

Out of all the characters in Undertale, what better one to pick to represent your love for the series other than the Great Papyrus! This rendition of Papyrus is fantastic to look at, sporting an iconic smile that is very much like the one he has in the real sprite work for the game. Every feature that’s required for Papyrus to look his best is present in this sprite, from the Earthbound reference on his chest to the full golden trim of his battle body on full display. The cheek blush is a nice touch, helping emphasize the edges of his smile in cute clarity.

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4. Mettaton EX

Image via SkinDex

If you want a character with fabulous detail and even more fabulous coloration, look no further than getting a skin for Mettaton. This rendition of Mettaton is their EX form, which is battle-ready and the most ambitious of the two. Everything that you need to make an accurate Mettaton skin is present, from the hair covering their eyes to the heart-shaped emblem in the front.

3. Burgerpants

Image via SkinDex

Burgerpants is one of the funniest characters in Undertale, so it’s no surprise that there are great skins that represent him in Minecraft. It isn’t a detailed skin, but Bugerpants isn’t either unless it comes to the face. All the colors on this skin are correct, everything down to the fact that he’s a cat and his uniform colors.

2. Chara

Image via SkinDex

This Chara skin is incredibly detailed for a Minecraft skin, with everything from their hair to their shirt having a bit of weight to them to emphasize bagginess. The shoes that Chara wears appear to be boots with straps on the front and no straps on the back. Even the fact that they wear shorts is evident in this skin.

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1. Frisk

Image via SkinDex

If you want an Undertale skin that looks as detailed as the ones you find on Java, this Frisk skin looks fantastic. The shading does well to make the hair and clothing pieces look separate from the skin, giving the illusion that there are actually more pieces here than just the building blocks at make up the model of your character. The little heart icon on Frisk is also a nice touch, referencing how you look the entire game while dodging bullets. There’s even nice shading around the face and knees that show a differentiation of skin tone.