Best weapons in Roblox Jailbreak

Use these guns and start hunting down foes.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Picking the right weapon in Roblox Jailbreak can be a game-changer. Whether you’re playing as a cop or a criminal, you’ll always need a good weapon to get you out of tight spots. Although there are many weapons in the game, not all of them are worth using or viable. Here are the best weapons you can use for an easier time in Roblox Jailbreak.


Image via Roblox Jailbreak Fandom

Boasting an incredible fire rate, the Uzi is one of the best weapons in the game. Excelling in short to mid-range combats, the Uzi is capable of decimating opponents in one round. It’s also fully automatic, which makes the gun very easy to use and control.


Image via Roblox Jailbreak Fandom

For the purpose it serves, the Sniper is hands down the best in its category. Roblox Jailbreak doesn’t have a big pool of long-ranged weapons, and the Sniper is the only decent option available. The gun’s damage scales with distance, reaching 80 damage at maximum distance. Furthermore, Sniper is also good for eliminating AFK players and players riding a helicopter or car.


Image via Roblox Jailbreak Fandom

The AK-47 is a versatile weapon fit for every situation. It has a lower fire rate when compared to the Uzi but boasts better damage and range. The gun can hold up to 30 bullets, so you can easily take down multiple enemies with a single clip.

Rocket Launcher

Image via Roblox Jailbreak Fandom

Pick this weapon up and wreak havoc on the entire map. The Rocket Launcher is a killing machine that destroys everything it touches. It can sweep out a hoard of enemies within seconds and is excellent for dealing AoE damage. However, it is costly and might not be bang for the buck in every scenario.


Image via Roblox Jailbreak Fandom

Unlike the Rocket Launcher, the Shotgun comes at a low price but can have the same impact. It is deadly in close combat dealing up to 30 damage if every pellet connects. Additionally, it has a decent spread on its fire, making it ideal for taking down vehicles.