Best League of Legends: Wild Rift champions for beginners

Find out the best Champions to use when you begin League of Legends: Wild Rift.

With the closed beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift just starting up, many players are getting their first look at the Champions in this console and mobile version of the iconic MOBA. Starting out in any game of this kind can be intimidating when you look at the Champions you can play. You want to make sure you find the ones that can best ease you into the gameplay and help you learn the ins and outs of the game.

Which is why we have the best Champions for all of you beginners out there to choose from:

Master Yi

Master Yi is arguably the easiest Champion to start in the entire game. His abilities help him to be able to dominate the mid-lane with ease. He can actually obliterate the entire enemy team just by himself. When you power up his Ultimate to increase your Attack and Movement speed, you can become even more of a threat.


Lux is one of the most popular choices for the Mage or Support players, as her abilities allow her to dominate the mid-lane with high amounts of Magic damage. Her Ultimate can completely drain the entire enemy team’s health in one fell swoop, making her an invaluable asset on your team.


The most effective of all Tank/Support Champions, Braum, can absorb an incredible amount of damage and shield his teammates. His shield ability can block any kind of projectile attack, and his Ultimate will launch enemies it hits into the air, opening them up to your teammates’ attacks.

Miss Fortune

A great Marksman Champion, Miss Fortune, is perfect for pecking away at enemy health from a safe distance, especially with her skill-shot. Her passive will allow her to move faster when she hasn’t taken damage, and her Ultimate is an area of effect attack that deals a ton of damage. If used properly, she can wipe out an entire team, all by herself.


While Braum is the best Tank for the Support role, Garen is the best for the Fighter role. Not only can he take a lot of damage, but the damage he can deal out is staggering. His Ultimate will call down a sword on a targeted enemy, and it will deal an absurd amount of damage. His Silencing ability will cause enemies to not be able to use an ability for some time. He can be a real headache for the other team.

Xin Zhao

A fan-favorite, Xin Zhao, offers a lot for those who play as him. He can be the one to run headfirst into a battle and take the enemies on, or he can choose to skirt around the edges and take a stealthier approach. If you use his Ultimate ability correctly, you can push an entire team into a location that you want them in.


Capable of carrying the entire team, Annie is a Mage who can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Her Ultimate will spawn a massive, burning bear that will absolutely tear up anything in its path. Her damage output is really high as well, making her a perfect choice for those looking to leave destruction in her wake.


Ashe very well could be the Champion you are given by default when you start the game, and for a good reason. She has decent range on her attacks, and when you summon her Ultimate (a giant Crystal Arrow), the range is literally the entire map, and you can control the arrow’s flight-path.


Soraka is a great Champion for poking at other players and providing solid support to your teammates. She can heal her entire team with her Ultimate, which, as you can imagine, can completely change the course of a battle in an instant. Of all the Support Champions, she is the easiest to learn as well.


Nasus is one of the easiest Champions to learn and play, so he is one of the most-picked Champions in League of Legends. He soaks up damage, he deals damage, and he is a big all-around threat to any enemy he comes across.

Nasus can be a huge benefit in the laning phase of the game, with his Ultimate boosting just about all of his stats and armor, while also dealing damage to enemies around him.