Borderlands 3: What Time Does the Bloody Harvest Release?


Borderlands 3 players are about to get their first taste of the holiday season with the impending release of the game’s first seasonal DLC, The Bloody Harvest. It’s a free content update opening a Halloween-themed area in the game with a brand new boss, challenges, and enemies to fight. We know Bloody Harvest is going to release on Oct. 24, but when can we expect it?

Borderlands 3 – When Time Does The Bloody Harvest Release?

While we know, the date of the recent update and content drop for Borderlands 3 is going to release on Oct. 24, but the exact time is a bit murky. Right now, Gearbox has not come forward to share any of these distinct details. We know we can expect it sometime before or by 3 pm PDT, so get ready for it after you’ve come home at the end of the day.

The Bloody Harvest is the first time a Borderlands title has had something seasonal tied to it. Yes, the games have had several DLC and expansions related to them throughout the franchise, but not a significant, multi-week event on this scale.

When the update does go through, players can expect a massive update to come along with it. When the update goes through, players can freely jump into the content. However, players do need to reach a certain point in the game. Anyone who wishes to participate in the event needs to make it past the opening content of the game and find their way to the game’s ship, Sanctuary III.

After this, any player can make their way over to the brand new location where they have to grapple with a new debuff associated with “terror.” When a player gets it, they’re going to have far more troubleshooting and aiming.

The event kicks off on Oct. 24 and goes through Dec. 5. It’s a free piece of content available to anyone who owns the base game.