Borderlands 3: How to Emote


When you’re playing a social game like Borderlands 3, you want to show off your favorite skills and expressions to your friends and teammates while you’re playing. To do so, you don’t have to do much to go out of your way to perform a character’s emotes. It’s going to be different for PC and console players, though. Here’s how you do it.

How to Emote in Borderlands 3

For player players, you’re going to use the four keys you seldom ever find yourself using: the arrow keys. These four keys act as your emotes. Go ahead, try them out real quick. Check out them out and see what your character can show off. IF you want to change them, you can go into your key bindings and modify them to a quicker button, making it easier display some sick moves and poses when you take out a demanding boss, or when you conquer a tough quest.

Console players are going to be pressing and holding the pause button. You want to make sure you hold the button because if you don’t hold it for long enough, you’re only going to bring up the pause menu. Holding it brings up the emote wheel, and you can freely choose whatever emote you want your character to perform at that given time.

Are you not a fan of the emotes your character is doing? Well, head on over to the Quick-Change station to modify your character’s emotes. You’re going to earn more as you play the game and complete side quests, challenges, and other events Gearbox Software releases during the game’s post-launch support continues for the game.

Enjoy laughing at your friends, or having a great pose when you defeat a fierce enemy in Borderlands 3.