Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – What is The Endowment Defenders Pack and How to Buy


Everyone wants to get in on the new Call of Duty game if they have the chance. It’s a soft reboot for the Modern Warfare game series, featuring a new story starring Captain John Price. Plenty of reviewers have been praising the story and calling it the next milestone for future Call of Duty games to try and surpass. While the gameplay and story are reasonable, there’s the online scene where players are going to purchase digital in-game items to make their characters stand out while they’re fighting. There’s a specific pack called the Endowment Pack players to have questions about and for a good reason.

The proceeds for the game pack are going to go towards a good cause. Here’s what we know about it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – What is The Endowment Defenders Pack and How to Buy

The Endowment Defender pack is an option player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can choose to buy to get an array of cosmetic items for their multiplayer character. Everything in the pack is purely cosmetic, so no need to worry about needing to get the pack to get an edge on anyone you’re playing against online. We’re going to detail everything that’s in the pack. However, the big thing is surrounding where the proceeds are going to go.

Many would believe a pack like this would go straight to the development team to support their hard work and incredible efforts to bring a game. While this usually is true, this particular pack is getting dedicated to others. 100 percent of all these proceeds Activision receives from this pack is going to a non-profit organization set up to assist US and UK veterans in locating civilian jobs. If you’re interested in supporting those who help defend your country and want to have a different life after their service, it’s an excellent opportunity to do so.

The Endowment Pack costs $9.99 across all platforms. You can get it for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Here’s what you get inside of it.

  • A Calling Card: You can equip this to your multiplayer character in-game to show off to other players.
  • Three Emblems: These emblems are all featured around the Endowment pack
  • Two Sprays: Mark the map with the Endowment Pack’s logo
  • Sticker: Slap the Endowment logo in your inventory
  • Watch: You can check the time in-game rather than looking at your phone with the Endowment logo behind the watch face
  • Weapon Camo: You can slap this distinct camo to any weapon in your inventory
  • Weapon Charm: You can attach this little icon to any weapon you want to use

The Endowment Pack In-game Contents

For those looking for an excellent cause to support, and you love playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, make sure to dedicate a little time to grabbing this while it’s still available. You can read more about the pack form the Activision blog post here.