Can PS5 save files be transferred to a USB drive?

Be ready to depend on PS Plus for more than just online gaming.

Although there are a number of ways to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5, it seems Sony isn’t too keen on providing choice as to how you can move around PS5 game save files. Even though PS5 saves can’t go to a SSD expansion drive for now, can players at least send them to USB drives?

If you go into the console’s Save Data and Game/App Settings, you’ll find two tabs: Save Data (PS5) and Save Data (PS4). Although most options are identical in these, you’ll notice that transferring PS5 files to a USB isn’t there. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem possible for the time being, either.

The only choice for sending this data anywhere else is through the PS Plus Cloud Storage, which can be accessed through the Save Data (PS5) tab. Ultimately, this means you’ll need to continue being a PS Plus member so that you can download unused PS5 saves.

Oddly enough, you can send your PS5 recorded footage and screenshots to these drives. As there will be an update in the near future for data to be transferred to SSD expansions, players can only hope the same can be said for USBs.