Can you catch a shiny Dratini in Pokémon Go? – Spotlight Hour May 11, 2021

A shiny danger noodle.

On May 11, Pokémon Go will be hosting the second Spotlight Hour event of May 2021. The event is happening from 6 PM to 7 PM in your local time zone. The Pokémon highlighted for the event will be Dratini, a first-generation Pokémon from the Kanto region that is a Dragon-type, which should benefit everyone’s benefit as they hungrily seek out any Dragon-type Pokémon. They’re challenging to encounter, with no real method to increase it outside of events. With Dratini spawning more often, it increases the chances of this Pokémon shiny version appearing in front of trainers.

Dratini does have a shiny version. If you’re trying to hunt a good Dratini down and see if you can capture it as a shiny, this Spotlight Hour would be a good opportunity to do that. Even if you do not capture one, it’s still a good opportunity to add a notably good Dragon-type to your collection. Dragonite, Dratini’s final form, is one of the best Dragon-type Pokémon you can encounter in the game. It’s a superior opponent in the Master League and is widely used by many. We’ve already listed out Dragonite’s best moveset.

It’s important to note that the Spotlight Hour event does not increase the chances of encountering a shiny version of a Pokémon. There are merely more spawns of a particular Pokémon from the start of the event to the end. You want to make sure to capture as many as you can during the Spotlight Hour, and then Dratini will return to its standard spawn chance in the wild, which is pretty low.