Can you catch a shiny Halloween Mischief Pikachu in Pokémon Go?

What are the odds of finding a shiny Halloween Mischief Pikachu?

Image via Niantic

Another holiday event has arrived to Pokémon Go, the Halloween Mischief event, where players will be able to celebrate the spooky side of the game for the second half of October. The Halloween Mischief event is broken up into two parts, with Galarian Slowking making its appearance during the first half and Phantump and Pumpkaboo appearing during the second part. Throughout the entire event, you’ll be able to capture the Halloween Mischief Pikachu, a costumed version of the standard Pokémon. What are the chances you can catch a shiny version of Halloween Mischief Pikachu during the event?

We can confirm there will be a shiny version of Halloween Mischief Pikachu during this event. You’ll be able to capture it by finding this Pokémon in the wild or completing Field Research tasks. Unfortunately, you cannot find it in any raid battles, and you can’t hatch it from 7km eggs.

Because you only find it in the wild, Halloween Mischief Pikachu has a pretty low chance of appearing. An excellent way to increase your chances of finding a Halloween Mischief Pikachu is to place incense on your avatar or add a lure to a PokéStop. Both of these methods are good techniques to try and attract nearby Pokémon to your position. While it does not increase your odds of a shiny appearing, it gives you more opportunities to try and trigger it.