Can you catch a shiny Regice in Pokémon Go? – June 1, 2021

You have some time.

Image via Niantic

There are a handful of Pokémon trainers hunt for pretty often in Pokémon Go. They come around for a small amount of time, every so often. Because of their frequency, trainers have to act quickly to make sure they get the ones they want, especially legendary Pokémon. If you’re a trainer looking to acquire Regice, and receive its shiny version, you’re in luck to know that the shiny version for Regice is around, and should be returning for the start of the Season of Discovery on June 1.

The June 1 raids should have a shiny Regice available for all players. You have a one in 20 chance to encounter it whenever completing a raid, giving you a decent shot of potentially adding one. Regice, along with Registeel and Regirock, have had their shiny versions in the game for quite some time. Because of how long they’ve been in the game, you can expect these Pokémon’s shiny versions to be available whenever they appear in raids.

Normally, Niantic informs the community if a legendary Pokémon does not have a shiny version when it returns to raids. This happened when Genesect made its way to five star raids as a Burn Drive option. The same would be for Regice because of its history.

Make sure to try your luck at defeating it in battle on June 1. You have until June 17 to add it to your collection before it disappears once more.