Can you create wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

No worries if your favorite star isn’t in the game.

WWE 2k battlegrounds punch (1)

It’s fair to say 2K’s last sports arcade title, NBA 2K Playgrounds, was rather scarce of in-depth material. However, with the traditional WWE 2K simulator put on hold, WWE 2K Battlegrounds will receive a decent share of content. For one, YouTuber Superzomgbbq has posted a video of the game’s previously unrevealed Character Creator mode, where users can stylize and customize moves for their own wrestlers.

Video via Superzomgbbq’s YouTube channel

According to the footage, users can change a number of aspects on created fighters, including gender and outfits. Like Playgrounds, it looks as if players will have to spend in-game currency to equip certain clothes and moves. Here’s the range of options you’ll have at your disposal.

  • Gender: The game is not just a boys club, players can also create female fighters.
  • Fighting Class: There is one of five to choose from: High-Flyer, Technician, All-Rounder, Brawler, and Powerhouse.
  • Body Type: This is merely cosmetic, but we’re sure it’ll help to have a giant fighter.
  • Height: You can’t be outrageously tall, but heights go from 5’4 to 6’7.
  • Body Features: This deals with age and skin color – both which have a wide range of options. Yes, you can even go green to create the Hulk.
  • Head Shape: Even for an arcade title, this is pretty detailed – customize everything from ear to chin size.
  • Vanity: This category includes various clothing types – glasses, contacts, masks, hats, pants, shirts, suits, and shoes. Some take coins and other in-game currencies to unlock.
  • Accessories: There’s a handful of tattoos and faceprint designs to pick from. There doesn’t seem to be many, but hopefully more are added before launch.
  • Taunts and Finishers: Like Fortnite, you can equip emotes to tease opponents, but in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, you also stylize how moves are done.
  • Drop Pods: Instead of walking into the arena, you’ll be touching down via a space pod. The character creator includes some interesting choices, such as coffins, trash cans, and disco ball pods.
  • Name/Alias: Users can name their wrestlers whatever they desire, but in-game announcers will call you by one of many aliases. So, be sure to pick from the list of nicknames before you’re done with your creation.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be body-slamming store shelves on September 18 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC, and Nintendo Switch.