Summoners War codes (December 2023)

Which codes are available for Summoners War?

Updated: December 4, 2023

We added a new code!

If you’re looking for an engaging and addictive mobile game that will keep you entertained for hours, look no further than Summoners War. In this exciting fantasy world, you play as a summoner who must collect and train a team of powerful monsters to battle against other summoners in epic PvP and PvE battles.

With over 1000 monsters to collect and upgrade, you’ll always have challenges to overcome or new creatures to discover. As you progress through the game, you’ll need to use strategy and skill to build the ultimate team of monsters. There are also many codes to help you get rewards like gems, energy, scrolls, summons, and other goodies.

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Summoners War all codes

Summoners War working codes

  • SW2023DEX3R—Redeem for rewards
  • JERGUNMAISWC2024—Redeem for a SWC Scroll x1 and a SWC2023 Temple of Wishes Skin (New)
  • SW2023NOQ3A—Redeem for 100k Mana and x1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • SW2023OCS2W—Redeem for 100k Mana and x1 Mystic Scroll
  • tousdevantswc—Redeem for 100k Mana and 1 Mystic Scroll
  • seauinapaccup23—Redeem for 100 Energy and 1 Mystic Scroll
  • 2023letsseaswc—Redeem 100 Energy, 1 Rune, and 1 Mystic Scroll
  • last1forgroupd—Redeem for 100 Energy and x1 Mystic Scroll
  • lafranceestla23—Redeem 100 Energy, 1 Rune, and a Mystic Scroll
  • 23itstime4sea—Redeem for 100 Energy and a Mystic Scroll
  • SW2023SEL3S—Redeem for Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023AUH4R — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023JLJ9E — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • 2023UPDATE7F1W — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW23RELOADED — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • THX2SUMMONERS2X9L — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • SUMMONERSLEGEND4E5P — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023MYS8O — Reward: 50 Scrolls and 100 Energy
  • 9OATSUMMONER — Reward: 5 Mystic Scrolls
  • SW2023APJ3M — Reward: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023MRP4M — Reward: Mystic Scroll and 50 Energy
  • SW2023FEV2U — Reward: 100,000 Gems and a Mystic Scroll
  • sw2023jae6s — Reward: 100 Energy and a Mystic Scroll

Summoners War expired codes

  • letsgoswc22 — Reward: Mystical Scroll
  • sw2022nov25 — Reward: 50 Summoning Stones
  • sweetcookie — Reward: 3 Mystical Scrolls
  • KEEPSUMMONING22 — Reward: Various rewards
  • 1008NYCAMERICAS — Reward: 10 Scrolls and Gems
  • SW2022OCT34 — Reward: Various rewards
  • JERKANWF — Reward: Various rewards
  • APACJUBJUB — Reward: Various rewards
  • RAKNASWC2022 — Reward: Various rewards
  • APACCUPOCT22CYA — Reward: Various rewards
  • sw2022feb65 — Reward: Various rewards
  • sw2022jan97 — Reward: Various rewards
  • swxmomstouch — Reward: Various rewards
  • MERRYLT19 — Reward: Various rewards
  • HAPPYNEWLT20 — Reward: Various rewards
  • SWXMOMSTOUCH — Reward: Various rewards
  • SWCHRISTMAS — Reward: Various rewards
  • SW2021DEC23 — Reward: Various rewards
  • PERFECTPICKANYONE — Reward: Various rewards
  • ROCKWITHSWC2021 — Reward: Various rewards
  • SWCWILLBBACK — Reward: Various rewards
  • SW2021NOV12 — Reward: Various rewards
  • swplay2gether — Reward: Various rewards
  • SW2021OCT01 — Reward: Various rewards
  • apacnextrd4war — Reward: Various rewards
  • 20challengethewrld21 — Reward: Various rewards
  • whosnext21americas — Reward: Various rewards
  • legendss17sea — Reward: Various rewards
  • gogo7thannitour — Reward: Various rewards
  • cuatswc21 — Reward: 100 Energy, 1 Water Scroll, 1 Fire Scroll, and 1 Mystical Scroll
  • ltisbacks17 — Reward: 200,000 Mana, and 1 Mystical Scroll
  • — Reward: 1 Fire Scroll
  • sw2021jun69 — Reward: 1 Mystical Scroll
  • sw2021apr47 — Reward: 1 Mystical Scroll
  • SW2020DEC89 — Reward: 3 Mystical Scrolls
  • summoningathome — Reward: 1 Mystical Scroll
  • 1jl9yck39wa6jzbz — Reward: 1 Mystical Scroll

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How to redeem codes in Summoners War

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here is how you can redeem codes in Summoners War.

  • Go to the official Summoners War redemption page.
  • Get your Hive ID from the game by clicking the profile button.
  • Paste your Hive ID and the code into the redemption page.
  • Redeem the code to get your reward.

How to get more Summoners War codes

The best way to get more Summoners War codes is by joining the game’s Discord server and following its official Twitter account. The Summoners War Discord server has a dedicated channel where the developers share codes, so be sure to join and watch this channel for new codes. Additionally, the game’s Twitter account tweets new codes.

Why your Summoners War codes may not be working

There could be a few reasons why you’re having trouble redeeming your Summoners War codes. Double-check that you’ve typed the code correctly and that there are no typos or errors. Make sure that the code hasn’t expired. ALl codes have an expiration date, so if you’re trying to redeem an old code, it may no longer be valid.

How to get free rewards in Summoners War

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If you’re looking for a way to earn free rewards in Summoners War, one of the easiest methods is logging in daily. The game offers daily login rewards that increase in value the more consecutive days you log in. Simply open the game and claim your reward daily to earn free goodies like gems, summoning scrolls, and other valuable items. Even if you don’t have time to play the game every day, be sure to log in and claim your reward to maximize your earnings.

What kind of game is Summoners War

Summoners War is a popular mobile RPG combining monster-collecting elements and strategy battles. Players collect and upgrade various monsters with unique skills and abilities, then use them to battle against other players or in single-player campaign modes. With a vast array of monsters to collect and strategic gameplay that rewards careful planning and execution, Summoners War offers a deep and engaging experience that has kept players coming back for years.