Can you fast travel in Bugsnax?



Image via Sony

Bugsnax, while not a big game, certainly involves a lot of running around. The island you are exploring is broken up into nine unique areas, each with their own Bugsnax to be found and secrets to reveal. You will need to explore them all, and different quests will have you wandering from place to place to get everything you need and keep everyone happy. 

If you are wondering if the game has a Fast Travel system, then sadly it does not. You’ll just need to get used to walking. This actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. The areas are all quite small, and the majority of them lead back to Snaxburg, which acts as a central hub for the game.

You will also regularly pass characters who have different jobs for you to do, or secrets to share, so it actually benefits you as you could easily miss some important things if you were fast traveling around Snaxburg all the time. 

One bit of advice we can give you to make this advice worthwhile is to always grab some easy to catch Bugsnax before you leave an area. You can donate them at Gramble’s farm, working up enough donations will unlock more inventory space for you to carry more of the tasty little creatures around. 

You can also just feed them to some of the characters and change how they look if you are in the mood to mix things up a bit.