Can you play Back 4 Blood solo?

You can! However….

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing Back 4 Blood, the focus is undoubtedly focused on online cooperative play. Running through the campaign levels will be much easier if you can communicate and work together with your teammates. That being said, not everyone wants to deal with randoms online when the game has bots that can completely take the place of a human player. With this in mind, can you play Back 4 Blood solo?

Yes, you can play Back 4 Blood solo, but there are some huge caveats to that. For starters, this is an online-only game, so you have to have an internet connection to even get into it. However, do that and jump into the game, pull up the Play menu, and select Solo Campaign, and you will be met with an interesting message.

Playing Solo Campaign has its own deck menu. Maps and objectives are altered, and you can not invite anyone to join you. That is all well and good and makes perfect sense. It is the last three bullet points that are a head-scratcher.

While playing in this solo mode, you can not earn any Supply Points. This means you are not making any progress towards the Supply Lines section of the game that gives you new cards for your decks. Additionally, all stat tracking is disabled. Maybe you do not care too much about your stats in Back 4 Blood, but if you do, again, you are wasting your time by playing solo. Finally, all Accomplishments are disabled. Accomplishments are the in-game tracker that is your achievements or trophies, so no achievement hunting in this mode.

If none of the above things turn you off, then solo play will be just fine for you in Back 4 Blood. However, it is a bit disappointing that Turtle Rock Studios would put such restrictions on someone choosing to play by themselves. Regardless, that is how the game is at launch. We will update this post if any new updates are made on Solo Campaigns.