Best Sniper Rifles In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Ranked


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released to massive fanfare and huge acclaim on Oct. 25. It brought the franchise back to life in the only way it knew how, with lots of great guns and fantastic explosions. Its campaign mode has had critics worldwide gushing about how great it is, but let’s be honest. The only reason a vast majority of you will play it is for the multiplayer.

The inclusion of white phosphorus in this mode has caused a lot of controversies but that aside it’s a game that is brimming to the top with different ways to beef up your killstreak and right at the top of the list, as always, is the number of different guns you can lay your hands on.

Here at Gamepur, we’ll be covering every trigger happy weapon that is available to you over a series of different guides. Still, for today, we’ll be taking a look at sniper rifles. These are the perfect way to kill your foe from a distance. They are a favorite of those dreaded and hated folk who love to camp. But they’re also quite useful for those who like being away from the dangers of a battlefield. So, slap on your camouflage and hunker down with the best, and currently only, sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


This old-style, bolt action sniper rifle is useful for quick scoping, but that is about it. It doesn’t pack a punch or the automatic ability of the other two on this list. Still, it can be carried with a lot more ease, making it quite mobile in comparison and in a fire-fight that can sometimes mean the difference between keeping your streak alive or becoming a notch on someone else’s totem pole.


The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is very, very useful if you find yourself suddenly in the heat of battle, with foes surrounding you from all sides. Sure, it’s no AK-47, but you can open up with this bad boy and be pretty sure that anyone you hit that wanders into your line of sight is going to go down and not get back up. It’s a secondary assault rifle that doubles as a sniper’s tool, but it’s pretty good at both and is worth having in your arsenal.


This one is for the sniper’s/campers among you. The HDR is a pure marksman’s weapon and can shatter a car engine into a million pieces from over a mile away (probably). If you’re going to use the HDR, then use it properly. Get yourself to higher ground and make sure your line of sight is evident all around, then hunker down and scope out your surroundings. The first person unlucky enough to step into your view, squeeze that trigger, and watch their head vaporize. Easily the best of the three sniper rifles on offer.