Cube World: How to Tame an Animal to Become a Pet


You don’t always have to rely on the fact you’re going to have another player supporting you in Cube World. You have ways of bringing an animal with you and getting them to follow your commands. For those who are looking to never travel alone in Cube World, you have the option to tame a pet and bring them with you to help support you. It does take a bit of time and practice, though.

How to Tame a Pet In Cube World

Thankfully, the process of taming a pet in the game does not take too much effort. You merely have to understand a handful of straightforward mechanics and make them happen. The first thing you need to do is locate the type of food you’re going to want to use for the animal you want to tame. We have the entire list over here for your reference.

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Generally, you’re going to locate a majority of this food out on the world and have enemies drop it when you’re killing them in combat. However, if you know the town in the biome you’re in, you can always visit the Trade District in the town and locate the Item Shop. The Item Shop is going to have all of the food available, but for a price. So if you don’t have any money, you may want to do a handful of quests or take out enemies to get some gold. From there, you can grab the ideal pet food you want and go searching for the pet to tame.

Grab the food you want to use from your inventory into your hand. Approach the animal you’re looking to tame and offer it to them. After a time the pet is going to bond with you. When it does, you’re going to see it gain a health and mana bar underneath with yours on the upper left portion of the screen. There are five types of pets you can acquire in Cube World:

  • Healers: These creatures are going to heal nearby allies during combat.
  • Melee: These creatures are going to get in close and damage enemies with close-range attacks.
  • Mounts: You can ride these creatures around the game.
  • Ranged: These creatures are going to attack enemies with a ranged attack.
  • Tanks: These creatures are going to take more damage from the enemy, but deal out less.

We don’t have a list of what every animal does in the game. We’re going to build one in the future, and we’ll make sure to link it back here when we finish it.