Playing Devil May Cry 5 in 21:9 Ultrawide

The past few games released by Capcom have been nothing short of fantastic. In Capcom’s recent release of the remade version of Resident Evil 2, it included initial support for players to have the game work on ultrawide settings, enabling gameplay to fit across a 21:9 display. Many would expect the developers would give the same treatment to their latest game, Devil May Cry 5. How do you make it happen?

Devil May Cry 5 in Ultrawide

Unfortunately, when players attempted to convert their Devil May Cry 5 gameplay graphics to a 21:9 screen resolution they faced quite a bit of clipping. Not all of the HUD was there, the subtitles were cut off during cutscenes, and there were plenty of other problems.

In short, Capcom did not give the same treatment to Devil May Cry 5 as they did Resident Evil 2. A few unofficial fixes are going around where players can download a few files and upload it into their game files. However, we’re going to have to wait for an official to come around before we start listing solutions. However, if the unofficial fixes work for you, then go right ahead and enjoy slashing up demons as V, Dante, or Nero in this amazing hack-and-slash metal festival.