Dislyte tier list

The best espers to use.

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Disltyte is a tactical-style RPG that is heavy on pop style and incredible visuals. The distinctive art style and the futuristic environments of the game have been a hit among players, leading to a huge player base. Furthermore, the game boasts an impressive cast of characters that players will have to utilize in their journey. While every character is viable and brings unique skills, some are better than others. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every character in the game so you have an idea of which characters are best for smooth sailing.

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Best characters to use in Dislyte

S+Feng Nuxi, Xuan Pin, Tevor
SClara, Cecilia, Sienna, Sally, Gabrielle, Ahmed, Unas, Abigail, Fatum Sisters, Dhalia, Lucas, Alice, Jin Yuyao, Meredith, Triki, Sander, Ashley, Brewster, Tiye, Chloe, Hyde, Everett, Embla, Intisar, Camille, Leora, Ethan, Ophelia, Gaius, Ollie, Tang Xuan, Li Guang, Yun Chuan, Zora, Ginny, Raven, Elliot
AMateo, Alolin, Valeria, Asenath, Eira, Fabrice, Ye Suhua, Lin Xiao, Unky Chai, Drew, Tang Yun, Xie Chuyi, Jiang Man, Xiao Yin, Li Ling, Biondina, Lu Yi, Pritzker, Cang Ji, Xie Yuzhi, Heng Yue, Zhong Nan, Odette, Lewis, Djoser, Yamato, Luo Yan, Anesidora, Elaine, Javid, Jiang Jiuli
BDonar, Berenice, Catherine, Nicole, Chang Pu, Narmer, Taylor, Yuuhime, Mona, Lynn, Bonnie, Freddy, Chalmers, Melanie, Stewart, Celine, Aurelius, Nick, Laura
CBardon, Li Ao, Lauren, David, Hall, Alexa, Ife, Daylon, Kara, Q, Kaylee, Jeanne, Brynn
DLeon, Bai Liuli, Jacob, Arcana, Layla, Zelmer

Feng Nuxi and Xuan Pin have been the staple top-tier units for a while, and rightfully so. Feng Nuxi is a powerful controller that packs a lot of damage and can buff herself for additional effects. She can also dispel enemy buffs, making her a super self-reliant unit. On the other hand, Xuan Pin is capable of inflicting several status conditions and is great at fending enemy comp off. She also buffs her team’s damage significantly and can be a great support under the right conditions.

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Over the past few patches, Trevor has seen a rise in its popularity due to being an absolute DPS monster. The unit relies on debuffing opponents, following up with lethal damage. When maxed out, Trevor can act twice in the same turn. Furthermore, you can also combine Trevor with Feng Nuxi and Xuan Pin for a super-dominant team.