All pop quiz answers in Dislyte

For thee, I have questions three.

Image via Lilith Games

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Displyte is a mobile roleplaying gacha game set in a dazzling sci-fi world with an active community and fanbase. As such, there are plenty of events for players to take part in. For example, one of the most popular regular events in the community is the Pop Quizzes which you can participate in while being active in the game. They are a great way to get some extra rewards for your efforts, but getting the right answers requires knowing facts about the game’s lore and world. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide with the correct answers for the latest Pop Quiz questions in Dislyte. 

All requirements and answers for the Dislyte pop quiz

To get a chance to answer the first question in the Pop Quiz, you will first need to complete two of the following four requirements:

  • Consume 200 Stamina.
  • Clear the Cube Miracle.
  • Complete 2 Bounty Missions.
  • Daily login.

Then, you can start participating in the Pop Quiz, with the first question being:

  • Question: Which mythology is Frigga from?
  • Answer: Norse

After that, you will need to meet some more requirements to get a chance at the second question. Complete two of the following four:

  • Get 5 4-star Relics from the Ritual Miracle.
  • Promote Esper Star Rating 1 time.
  • Win 5 Point War battles.
  • Daily login.

This will allow you to get the second question, which is:

  • Question: Which city does Abigail live in?
  • Answer: Utgard

And finally, this will let you fulfill two more requirements out of the next four to access the third Pop Quiz question. The requirements for this one are:

  • Daily login.
  • Consume 500 stamina.
  • Get 10 4-star Relics from the Ritual Miracle.
  • Clear the Cube Miracle.

After getting two of the requirements done, you will get access to the third and final Pop Quiz question:

  • Question: What is Abigail’s current occupation?
  • Answer: Mayor

And with that, you will have answers to all three Pop Quiz questions in Dislyte and that will get you some juicy rewards.