The Division 2: All Orange Dye Crate Locations

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There are plenty of hidden crates littered throughout Washington D.C in The Division 2. Some of these crates are orange, and when you shoot them, you’re going to find numerous crafting materials, along with a weapon dye for your guns. These weapon dyes give you access to further customization options for your favorite firearms. They do not enhance or modify the stats of your weapons. We have all of their locations so that you can have as many different color options for your guns as possible. You’ll find their sites, broken down by district, below.

Orange Dye Crate Locations

White House

White House Orange Crate Locations

You’re going to find three crates near the White House.

The first one in the northwest section, right next to the control point, is located down an alleyway. You’ll find it behind a locked gate, which you can shoot open.

The second, next to the first one, is a little further back and to the east. You’re going to locate it right next to the border of the game. It’s going to be on the top of a building, on 1st ST NW. Look to the left side of the street, and you should see the crate dangling.

The last one is closer to the bottom of the map, near the park. Head to the western section of the park, closer to the middle, and you should find the final orange crate hanging from a tree.

Downtown East

Downtown East Orange Crate Locations

You’re going to find two orange crates in this district. One of them is exceptionally close to the White House.

The first orange crate in the Downtown East district you should find is the one right next to where Pennsylvania Ave NW in the White House area becomes New York Ave NE in Downtown East. Look up at the building, and you locate it on the side of the building, hanging from the top.

The second and last one for this area is a little deeper in, and you have to go inside of a building. The orange rectangle on the map shows you the entrance to a subway passage. Head down it, through the building, and when you get out the other end, you’ll find the orange crate hanging inside of the building. Look up at the roof, as soon as you walk in.

Federal Triangle

Federal Triangle Orange Crate Locations

You’re going to find two orange crates in this district.

The first one is close to where the previous orange crate is from Downtown East is, and if you’re following this guide crate to crate you won’t have to travel too far. Much like the previous one, it’s inside of the building. When you enter the building, look up, and it should be on the right side close to the roof.

The second and last one in this district is near the safe house in the middle of Federal Triangle. Fast travel to it, and when you leave the safe house take the northeast entrance. When you’re outside, take the ladder to the right, and you should find the crate on the roof.

East Mall

East Mall Orange Crate Locations

Technically, there are three in East Mall. However, I included only one in the Southwest region because it’s right next to several of them.

Let’s start with the one the northeast. You’re going to find it on the downed airplane. You should see it hanging off one of the trees near the crash site, stuck in the branches.

The next one, to the lower right of the map, is this large building you can enter. Go inside, and you’ll see there’s a phone you grab. You’re going to find the crate hanging inside of the left side of the building, in the west galley.

The third orange crate is going to partially be in the South West region of the map, right next to the safe house. You can teleport there and then head north. You’ll find it on the corner of the building, stuck in a tower full of lights on the northeast section.

The final crate is close to the middle of East Hall, also near a safe house. However, there’s a problem with this orange crate. To successfully grab its contents, you need to play the Air & Space Museum. If you’ve already done it, you’ll have to replay the mission again to gain access to the front entrance and retrieve the orange crate contents.

Judiciary Square

Judiciary Square Orange Crate Locations

There’s only one orange crate in this area. The container can feel a little difficult to find. First, you’ll want to travel to the East Dark Zone, Charlie CP fast travel zone. After, head south a couple of blocks and you should see the orange crate on the side of a building, in a small alleyway. Breakthrough, the locked gate, head up the ladder and go through the door on the right side. There’s a little bit of loot here, and inside of the room, you’ll find another ladder. Up to the roof of the building and you’ll find yourself a short distance away from the crate.

West Potomac Park

West Potomac Park Orange Crate Locations

There are a total of six orange crates in this area. The most you’re going to find in a single district. We’re going to go right to the left, and sweep across the entire more.

The first crate is in the northeast section, so let’s knock it out first. You’re going to find it next to the large orange, upside down triangle. It’s on the west side of the building, next to the large scaffolding area. Make your way to the top, and you should locate your first prize.

The next crate is closer to the center of the map. Head through the park, and you should see it hanging off of a worn-down white pedestal.

The third orange crate in the area is a little further west from the last one you picked up. However, you’re going to need to go underground. Look for an underground passage and head down it, when you reach the bottom, go through the first pairs of doors in front of where you descended. Proceed down the small cave, and you’ll find the crate at the other end of the room.

Moving on to the fourth one, we’re going to the southern part of the map, right next to the edge. You’re going to find it hanging from a tree, right next to a ship that’s come ashore and crashed into the dirt.

The fifth orange crate is dangling overtop of a small pond, in a tree. Look for the little white building in front it, about twice the size of players.

The final crate is right next to a main mission area. In that area, look for a statue with a man riding a horse. You should find the last container for the West Potomac Park nearby.

We’re going to update this page further as we learn the locations for the final areas!