Does Back 4 Blood have PvP?

Cleaning just got a little more complicated.

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

Back 4 Blood brings so many feelings and memories longtime fans of Left 4 Dead have had. From fighting off the many common and special infected enemies to working together as a team to ensure everyone’s survival, this game is essentially the next step in the popular cooperative shooter series. We have seen countless examples of how the game nails the feel of playing through its many PvE levels and game modes, but is there anything for the more competitive crowd? Does Back 4 Blood have PvP?

If you are a longtime fan of Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode, you may be excited to see a very similar game mode returning in Back 4 Blood. This game’s PvP mode is called Swarm Mode, and is essentially a Versus mode take on Survival. Four players of Cleaners will face off against four human-controlled Ridden in a best of three match to see which team survives the longest. When one round ends, the sides switch.

When playing as the Cleaners, you are merely trying to survive for as long as possible. The Ridden will constantly attack and get stronger, so there is no escape or safe room to run. You will need to work with your teammates while also utilizing your shooting skills to survive as long as possible.

On the Ridden team, players will specifically play as the wide-ranging special infected. You will be able to see the outlines of the Cleaners at all times, with colors coordinating their health at that moment. When you die as a Ridden, you will go into a respawning phase that will allow you to choose a new Ridden to play as. As time goes on, the Ridden team can purchase upgrades for both them and the swarms of AI-controlled zombies to make life harder for the Cleaners. Work with your team to separate and eliminate the opposing team as fast as possible.