Does Blanc support cross-platform/crossplay?

Can you bridge the platform gap?

Image via Casus Ludi

If you’re into the idea of a cozy co-op romp through a snowy wilderness, Blanc may well be the game for you. It’s perfectly serviceable as a single-player experience, but the game is designed to played in two-player co-op for the best results. Luckily, multiplayer functionality is pretty straightforward to figure out, although there are still a few lingering questions for many players, including whether it’s possible to play co-op across different platforms. Here’s what we know.

Does Blanc support crossplay?

Blanc released for both PC and Nintendo Switch, which astute readers will note are two very different platforms. Crossplay is a pretty common addition in multiplayer games these days, but unfortunately Blanc will limit players to their own technological ecosystem when it comes to online co-op. That means that PC players will only be able to team up with other PC players, while Switch owners will have to stick with their fellow Nintendo fans. On the plus side, even though Blanc was released on two different storefronts on PC — namely Steam and the Epic Games Store — it’s possible to connect your friend lists from those two accounts, allowing you to choose from the full range of your online comrades regardless of which PC version you choose to buy.

Even though Blanc isn’t crossplay, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wholesome co-op time of it. It’s possible to play through the whole thing with a friend in local couch co-op mode, so you can experience the cozy vibes with a friend or family member in real life even if you can’t reach across the platform ravine. The game’s not that long, either, so you’ll likely be able to bash through the whole thing in person in a couple of hours. But don’t feel the need to rush it — some games are best taken more slowly, after all.