Does Nioh 2 have a new game plus mode?

Does Nioh 2 have a higher difficulty setting?

Image via Team Ninja

Fans of the Dark Souls franchise enjoy playing through the game once, and then they have even more fun going through the game on the same character in a new game plus mode. Nioh 2 follows the same gameplay mechanics as Dark Souls, where there are fierce enemies, stamina is crucial, and the bosses are challenging, but they have a distinct pattern. While the two games are similar, once you beat Nioh 2, can you through it again in a new game plus mode, or do you need to start over with a brand new character?

Nioh 2 does have a new game plus mode. Players who complete the game will have the option to go through it again with their character to try their hand at fighting the previous bosses they had difficulty with and to locate collectibles they may have missed. Additionally, you have the chance to gather up even more powerful gear than you could previously loot to meet these new challenges. 

The new game plus mode comes with a new difficulty called Dream of the Strong. In Dream of the Strong, you will find the challenges previously set by Nioh 2 have increased dramatically. The bosses are more difficult, as are the common enemies. However, you will have access to more powerful gear, giving you the chance to meet those challenges suitably. If you want to increase your chances of acquiring the best equipment in the game, Divine Items, you can offer up Ochoko Cups to increase your chances. Plus, you can bring in friends to give you a hand. 

You have plenty to do once you wrap up on Nioh 2‘s journey for the first time. Expeditions, for example, are a great way to explore the game and to play this difficult adventure with friends watching your back.