Does Splitgate have bots?

An AI uprising?


Image via 1047 Games

The space-bending first-person shooter Splitgate is officially blowing up, with more and more players seeming to jump in each day. Newer players have lots of questions about the game including whether the game has bots or not.

Splitgate does indeed have bots, and you can play against them in custom games. They will be automatically added to public games in the beta, but you can also create your own custom games that have bots in them. Bots are used in the beta to fill public lobbies to try to keep player numbers high. When a person loads into a game late, they then replace one of the bots, if there are any in the game.

If you set up a custom game and load into it on your own, the rest of the spots in the lobby will be automatically occupied by bots. This will allow you to practice the various maps and modes in the game, learning important game knowledge.

After the game fully releases, the way bots work will change in one small way. Ranked public games will not have any bots to fill up the numbers, and all players in these games will be human. As such, when you are playing Ranked competitive games, you can always expect to be taking on other human players, not bots.