Does The Outer Worlds Have A Third Person Mode?


In The Outer Worlds, you play as a colonist, waylaid on their way to their target planet, who awakens in the middle of a deep conspiracy that threatens to destroy the colony. The game contains multiple factions, worlds to explore, and of course, lots of weapons to use.

Does The Outer Worlds Have A Third Person Mode?

People are wondering if the game will have a third-person mode. Unfortunately, the answer is no; it does not. The developers have spoken about the fact that adding a third-person camera is something they didn’t have the resources to do. While adding that third-person mode sounds pretty simple, it is a lot more complicated than you might think.

To add a third-person camera, a lot of the animations in the game may need to be reworked, things like reloading weapons, interacting with the environment, and other such animations will all need to be redone specifically for third-person mode. For first-person games, because so much of the player character’s body is unseen, you don’t need to animate a lot of it, but for the third person, everything needs to be fully animated and present in the game at all times.

There is also a lot of other quality checking to be done in all environments, to make sure the camera gives a proper view, despite the placement of objects like walls, ceilings, and general clutter. For something that sounds so simple, there can be a surprising amount of extra work involved.

The good news, for PC players at least, is that modders are almost certain to add a third person mode to the game, but be advised that all the issues outlined above, and more, will persist if it is just a simple camera move.