How To Get More Hearts in Dr. Mario World


Dr. Mario World has launched for iOS, and the Android model should release some time tomorrow. For those checking it on the iOS, you’re probably running through the levels as quickly as possible while getting your mobile game fix. However, do you know the best way to receive hearts in Dr. Mario World? Hearts are essential, as they grant players the ability to play levels. Here are the best ways to acquire more hearts and to work your way through the game.

Earning Hearts in Dr. Mario World


The best way to earn hearts in Dr. Mario World? Patience. Much like any mobile game on the market, you’re going to find that after you use a heart, you’re going to need to wait a little bit of time. It should refresh after a set piece of time, and then you’re ready to go on to the next level. These cooldowns are not extraordinary, either, as you’re going to be waiting a short period.

While it takes a heart to finish a level, players receive a heart for completing a stage. This system creates the correct balance of making it feel like an earned piece of work, while also not forcing you to consistently have to put your phone down to do something else while you’re waiting out the heart cooldown timer.

However, if you lose a few games and are consistently wasting hearts, you’re going to find you need to wait for that heart cooldown timer to hit. You do have an alternative, though, if you’re not eager to wait.

Question Mark Boxes

You’ll find question mark boxes hovering over certain stage numbers while you’re playing. If you get to these blocks in a set amount of time, which you can see above it, you’ll receive a reward upon completing that stage. A reward you can get from these boxes is hearts. Players can receive three hearts when completing the box, and getting to it within the allotted time limit.


For those who have little to no interest in waiting for the heart’s cooldown timer, you can put your money into the mobile game and go to down on purchasing hearts with your money. You can freely use your real money to acquire more, but again, you should not feel the need to do so. Many of the hearts are won by playing the game or placing your phone aside to wait for the hearts to return to your meter.

Outside of these two methods, there’s no other way to acquire hearts. By playing stages of Dr. Mario World, you are taking the risk of hopefully getting one at the end of the stage, but you shouldn’t find them too difficult. If you do, patience is never a bad thing.

Dr. Mario World releases this week, with it already available on iOS and the game comes to Android phones on July 10.