Earning Miles secret achievement/trophy guide in Knockout City

Ride the wind, never coming back again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gliding in Knockout City is probably one of the more underutilized tools you can find in the game. You would think that players would be doing it everywhere, but while it is nice to have, there are two separate double jump options that can help with traversal. However, gliding is the only way to get the Earning Miles secret achievement or trophy.

For this achievement/trophy, you need to be playing on the map Rooftop Rumble and glide from the bandstand to the garden. There will be a bit of luck in this task, as you really need to hope none of the enemy team throws a ball your way as you sail, or you will fall to your death. Luckily there are multiple ways to go about this.

The first and probably the easiest way to pull off this achievement is with a friend. Go into your ball form and have your friend pick you up. They just need to aim you towards the garden. While flying in the air, pull out your glider and finish the trip.

Another way to do it is a little finicky. To the right of the bandstand is a jump pad. If you time your glide to start at the top of bouncing from it, you can ride the wind to the garden. If you do not get a perfect bounce or pull your glide out at the right time, though, you will hit the bridge and fall.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, the last way we have seen to glide from the bandstand to the garden is with help from the Moon Ball. This will take a great deal of luck because you have to have both the map and the special ball selected for a chance at this method, but if you do, you can easily jump from the bandstand and glide all the way there.