Elder Scrolls Online Ascending Tide – The Coral Aerie: rewards, achievements, and location

Dive on in.

Image via Bethesda

The Coral Aerie is a part of Elder Scrolls Online’s Ascending Tide DLC. It’s a four-player dungeon set on the Summerset Isles and a secret base for Ascendant Order members. It’s set in a cove among ancient High Elven ruins and is a vast network of caverns full of hidden secrets and rewards. Here’s what you can earn when delving into the Coral Aerie.

The Coral Aerie Rewards

In order to fully complete the dungeon, players will face three bosses including a gryphon, Ascendant Order champions, and a yaghra monstrosity. Putting down each boss on specific difficulties will reward you with a new title, memento, and an item set.

  • Gryphon Handler title: Earned by completing the dungeon on hard mode
  • Guardian’s Frozen Shard memento: Unlocked by earning the Coral Aerie Conqueror achievement
    • You can earn the achievement by completing the dungeon on veteran mode and killing each boss.
  • Gryphon’s Reprisal item set: Looted in the dungeon
    • The set includes a bow, sword, mace, staff, axe, and shield.

Where is the Coral Aerie

The dungeon can be found along Summerset’s northern coast. The landscape is rocky and can be difficult to navigate through as there are no roads. The dungeon will take you far beneath the stunning vistas of Summerset.