Ember the Khajiit rapport guide for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Do crimes.

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Two new Companions can be recruited in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle — the stalwart knight Isobel and the mischievous magic-caster Ember. While you can recruit both of them, they could not be more different in how you build rapport with them. Rapport is a sort of “affinity” with each character — when you do things the Companion likes, you build rapport, and consequently, things they dislike will cause them to trust you less. If you’re interested on maxing out your rapport with Ember the Khajiit, read on.

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Building rapport with Ember

Ember is a bit unique to other Companions — her worldview is a bit more forgiving towards those with a tendency to view rules as less than ironclad. Ember loves adventure, and realizes that sometimes on adventures, you have to cross the line to get what you need. First off, here are some hints on how to get her to trust you, which you can find out by talking to her and asking about her interests:

  • Dislikes authority figures
  • Dislikes dogs and wolves (this includes Werewolves, so don’t transform in front of her!)
  • Dislikes boring stuff (standing around, doing nothing)
  • Likes gathering Runestones
  • Likes thievery, pickpocketing, Thieves Guild, stealing, and views all that as part of survival

Here’s some specifics on how to build rapport with Ember:

  • Killing wolves and werewolves: +1 rapport
  • Harvesting Runestones: +1 rapport
  • Looting a Safebox: +5 rapport
  • Looting a Thieves’ Trove: +5 rapport
  • Winning a Tales of Tribute match: +10 rapport (+1 for subsequent wins per cooldown period)
  • Pickpocketing a Guard: +10 rapport (+1 for subsequent pickpockets per cooldown period)
  • Fencing an Epic Quality item: +25 rapport (+5 for subsequent fences per cooldown period)
  • Fleeing from a Guard and escaping: +1 rapport
  • Using the Clemency perk (Thieves’ Guild skill tree): +10 rapport
  • Using a counterfeit pardon edict: +5 rapport
  • Entering an Outlaws Refuge: +1 rapport
  • Entering a restricted area or trespassing: +1 rapport
  • Completing a Mages Guild daily: +125 rapport (has a long cooldown)
  • Completing a Thieves Guild heist: +125 rapport (has a long cooldown)
  • Completing a High Isle Delve Daily: +125 rapport (has a long cooldown)

Remeber that not all actions will build rapport with Ember. Here are some things she hates, and will actively decrease your rapport with her:

  • Getting caught doing crimes (stealing, murder, etc.): -10 rapport
  • Being killed by a hostile Guard: -5 rapport
  • Fleeing from a Guard: -10 rapport
  • Getting spotted while trepassing: -10 rapport
  • Paying a bounty to a guard: -25 rapport
  • Fishing: -1 rapport