Is Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC?

Can I play it on PC?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC

Image via Square Enix

The hype surrounding Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t unexpected. The original holds a special place in the heart of countless gamers, and many are diving into the remade title now that it’s out in the world.

Everyone knows that Final Fantasy VII Remake is being released on PlayStation 4, but there’s some confusion over whether it’ll be ported to PC. If you’re searching for a definitive answer as to whether it will be, we’ve got you covered.

Can I play Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC?

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Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake has already launched on PS4, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, some PS4 owners had received their copies ahead of schedule. Others have received their digital copies now that the release date has been reached.

For PC players, though, there’s no opportunity to play as Final Fantasy VII Remake is only being released on PS4 right now. The Final Fantasy series has a history with Sony consoles over the years. While other entries in the franchise have been released on PC and other platforms, Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t coming to PC this year.

However, it looks like it will be ported to PC. Rumors had been circulating that Final Fantasy VII Remake would come to PC eventually, and we now have a clear indication of when it will. In a thank you video posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel on Friday, Apr. 10, a caption reading “Gameplay captured on PC” is seen after producer Yoshinori Kitase introduces himself.

Previously, dataminers had discovered possible PC port specifications hidden in the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo code. Twitter user roXyPS3 posted images that revealed higher resolutions, as well as NVIDIA and AMD support, in the demo. The screengrabs have since been deleted, but the tweets are still there.

There’s also confirmation that Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed PS4 exclusive. At the 1:06 mark in the above video, a caption reads “Until 4/10/2021” during the “Play First on PS4” image. Once that date arrives, Final Fantasy VII Remake is free to be ported to other platforms.

Death Stranding was a timed PS4 exclusive when it released in November 2019, but a PC port is coming on June 2. With this YouTube video all-but-confirming that Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to PC, you can expect an official announcement later this year.

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