Gears 5: Error Code 0x80004001 and ESTANA


Gears 5’s launch day is not going quite as planned. Several players are experiencing technical difficulties with the game when they load in, even with the single-player content. When they access the game, they run into an error message labeled, “0x80004001,” and are told to search the term, “Estana,” in the official Gears of War online forums. Here’s what the error code means, and what the developers, The Coalition, are doing about it right now.

Gears 5 Error Code 0x80004001 and Estana Search Term

As of right now, plenty of players are encountering issues when they attempt to play in Gears 5’s campaign and versus mode. For whatever reason, the error code 0x80004001 was preventing players from accessing the single-player content of the campaign. It would have made sense if it caused issues for the multiplayer format, but the problem was widespread.

When the error code came up, players were directed to the Gears of War support page and to search for the term, “Estana.” However, when going to the page, it didn’t seem to offer up any solutions and only drew more questions to what was going on.

Luckily, the developers, The Coalition, have been on the case since they learned about the issue. When they did, they launched several updates to their community, informing them they were identifying the problems and working on sending out a series of patches. Here were the first tweets to come out from the team.

The team was quick to respond to the issue, once they learned about it. They continual gave out updates about what their development and hotfix team were working on every hour. It would appear things have steadily calmed down. At this time, it seems things have calmed down. The Coalition’s latest tweet tells us more.

For players who were having issues with the game, they’re going to need to restart their Xbox One or PC to load up the game. When they do, things should have smoothed out. If any is still experiencing this issue, fear not, for The Coalition are steadily taking out any of the fires still happening with the game. While the game is set to release on Sept. 10, several players had the chance to get access to the game a few days early by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition or by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate option.

Hopefully, everything continues to smooth out as The Coalition learn more about this issue. For now, if players are continuing to see this error, you’re going to want to restart your consoles and try to turn on the game after a set amount of time. Given the developer’s quick responses, things should get taken care of by Friday morning.