Gears 5: How to Re-up and Rewards


With Gears 5 multiplayer players steadily leveling up in their game and starting to reach the maximum level, they’re ready to Re-up. It’s a form of prestige, where their multiplayer starts back to level one and they have to work their way back up to the highest level again. When a player chooses to re-up, they receive rewards with the action. Here’s how you Re-up in Gears 5 and the rewards for doing so.

Re-upping In Gears 5

How to Re-up

The game is going to inform you when you’re ready to Re-up. You’ll know you’re there when you reach level 100 for the multiplayer game. When you do, you get a brief break down on what Re-uping does to your profile. Your overall level is going to reset. However, your characters and their achievements are going to remain the same. All of the tour of duty missions, Operations, character achievements and levels, those are going to stay untouched. You won’t have to work through those again or acquire new cards.

Rewards for Re-up

Previously, players earned several awards every time they did it. When you Re-up in Gears 5, you’re going to receive a single reward for going through the game. The reason The Coalition has taken a step back from the Re-up rewards is they want players to engage in the Operations and Tour of Duty missions they have lined up. These missions and more extensive operations are supposed to be the bigger, more available methods for players to earn rewards, rather than forcing them to go through the entire multiplayer experience, over and over again.

For now, players are going to receive a new bloodstain skin for their first Re-up level. After that, they’re going to receive a desert camo skin for every level after that initial process. However, The Coalition is discussing ways to improve this overall experience, due to fans not entirely agreeing with how this is getting handled. For now, though, the rewards are what they are, and players are going to have lean more towards the Tour of Duty and Operations if they’re looking for exclusive products. Additionally, The Coalition UI team did notice the player icons were not leveling up as they should have been. This issue is getting addressed. Here’s what your player profile should look like when you Re-up:

Gears 5 Re Up

The Coalition has not signed off on what additions or changes they’re going to make to the Re-up format. We’re going to learn more in the future.