Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Can you Holster Weapons?


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is here. You can start playing it right now, and some of you may have been playing it for the majority of the week right now. There’s plenty to do in the game. Some of it can feel overwhelming, but once you get your feet and you dive into the game, you’re going to have a blast fighting the Wolves and taking back Auroa island.

However, not every person on the island is out to get you. When you approach NPCs, you may want to put your weapons away to show you’re not hostile. But can you put your weapons away?

Can You Holster Your Weapon in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Unfortunately, players are not going to be able to holster their character’s weapons while they’re running around Auroa. Your weapons are always going to be out and in your hands. The one time you can put them down is when using an item from your quick access inventory, such as a grenade, mine, or to heal yourself. Other than that, your character is going to be holding one of their three weapons in their arms.

Previously, players could holster their weapons in Wildlands. When they did so, the locals activated positively to this reaction. Additionally, it gave players a wider field of view to look around the area they were in and take in the surroundings. It was an excellent way to take a look around the gorgeous views, or sneak up on an enemy and get a better view of what was around them.

This feature may have gotten removed due to the hostile nature of Auroa. Almost everyone on the island is out to take the players down, except for a handful of civilians still operating out of necessary Skrell facilities or centers.

If you were hoping to gain some influence with the locals, this is not going to happen. You can talk to NPCs you find in the world because some of them have critical information to share with you. However, you can only speak to them out of combat. If you’re in a fight, take out any enemies and then return to them when you’re finished.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out right now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.