Hitman World of Assassination: The Drop Elusive Target With Dimitri Vegas Release Date & Details

Dimitri Vegas will be entering Hitman World of Assassination as an Elusive Target for Agent 47 to dispatch, but this target is no pushover.


Screenshot via Io Interactive’s YouTube channel

One of the best mission types in Hitman World of Assassination is Elusive Targets. The Drop is a new Elusive Target featuring DJ Dimitri Vegas, whom Agent 47 has been contracted to assassinate. Unlike past missions, this one has only been teased, with a release window months away.

This guide outlines everything there is to know about The Drop Elusive Target. This includes the potential release date, details on Dimitri Vegas, and speculation about where the mission will take place and how it will work.

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When is the Release Date for The Drop Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination?

The release date for The Drop Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination is October 2023. At the time of writing, we have no further details on exactly when this mission will come to the game. However, the famous DJ is playing a show with Like Mike at Tomorrowland in Itu, Brazil, on October 12, 2023.

Since this mission was announced during a Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike show, it would be fitting for it to be released in Hitman World of Assassination during one of the superstar DJ’s biggest shows of the year in the Fall 2023 window. This is a complete guess based on how IO Interactive has worked with the DJ so far, though. So please don’t take it as a firm release date. Further details will be released by IO Interactive when they’re ready.

Hitman World of Assassination The Drop Elusive Target Story Details

In the briefing video for The Drop Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination, we can see how the Berlin location has been decked out with new posters to reflect its name change. In The Drop, Agent 47 has been assigned to kill Alexios Laskaris, a famous DJ who has recently become a drug kingpin.

The target is using his string of venues to distribute drugs to both performers and attendees, but some DJs in the scene aren’t too happy about it. The Berlin location is setup as one of Laskaris’ venues, and Agenty 47 will need to use the tools he can find to take out the target in whatever way he sees fit.

Which Location Will The Drop Elusive Target be Set in Hitman World of Assassination?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Drop Elusive Target is set in the Berlin location in Hitman World of Assassination. We’ve seen this in the briefing video for the Elusive Target, but a lot of work has been put in to make it look and feel different. The club has had a name change, and that’s now shown on all the guard outfits too. We expect to see even more changes spread across the location once we get into the mission in October 2023.

The Berlin location is massive, with many levels on which for IO Interactive to put together new challenges, feats, mastery levels, and items. It’s also got more layers than many other locations, allowing for all kinds of assassination methods. For example, players could use disguises to get close to Vegas and take him out, or they could lure him outside and kill him with a sniper rifle.

Will Like Mike Also be Coming to Hitman World of Assassination?

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IO Interactive hasn’t confirmed or denied whether Like Mike will also be coming to Hitman World of Assassination. The Drop Elusive Target’s trailer focuses solely on Dimitri Vegas, despite the pair being a duo. It’s possible that in the context of the game’s lore, Vegas is performing solo.

While this could mean that Like Mike will come to the game in a separate Elusive Target, we’ll need to wait for IO Interactive to announce the details before we know anything. It’s entirely possible that Like Mike is in The Drop, but we just haven’t seen him yet.

Will The Drop be Part of Freelancer Mode in Hitman World of Assassination?

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It’s unclear if The Drop Elusive Target will be a standalone mission in Hitman World of Assassination or part of Freelancer Mode. Traditionally, Elusive Targets are made available for ten days for all players to attempt. They have a restriction that prevents players from restarting the mission if they make a mistake once they’ve completed an objective, such as killing a target.

However, the trailer and title card for The Drop Elusive Target appear to have similar imagery to Hitman World of Assassination’s Freelancer Mode. This suggests that the mission may pop up occasionally as a rare encounter in the roguelike mode. We’ve had no confirmation of this from IO Interactive, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a surprise twist that doesn’t get revealed until the new mission is released.

Who is Dimitri Vegas?

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Dimitri Vegas is a famous superstar DJ best known as part of the Belgian-Greek duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The duo is comprised of brothers Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios. The pair play at numerous festivals and are known to be two of the best DJs on the planet, having been ranked as such by multiple outlets and fans.

Their first single was released in 2009, and the pair have grown from strength to strength since then. One of their biggest collaborations, the 3 Are Legend Project, saw the pair team up with America DJ Steve Aoki and tour the biggest festivals in the world with their music.