How a cartography table works in Valheim

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The cartography table is a great way to share your map in Valheim with other players in your world. One of the more frustrating things about the game had been trying to share and describe where you wanted your friends to go to find specific resources and detailing where that location was on the map. Now, all you have to do is meet up at a cartography table and share those details. How you use the cartography table can be a little troublesome, though.

After you’ve crafted the table, the player who wants to interact with the table and share their map needs to look at the small box on the left side of the table. When you hover over the box, it should read, ‘record discoveries.’ When you do this, you’re sharing everything you’ve explored in your world onto the map. Now, a new player has to approach the map table and then interact with it.

From there, their map should like precisely like the player who shared it with them. When you look on your primary map, not only do you see all of the areas the other players have been in, but you also see their waypoints as well. Any waypoint or location that you have not explored yet will be slightly grey on your map. You can always turn this off by clicking the ‘cartography table’ icon on your map in the lower right corner.

Whenever you visit a new region, make sure to visit the cartography table in your primary base so other players can learn about it as well.