How Authentic Card Grading Service works in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

It’s not Beckett, just MyTeam.

Image via Take-Two

CCG (collectible card games) modes in sports games are certainly looking more and more like real-life trading cards. MLB The Show introduced a new parallel system this year, one that certainly mirrors superfractor cards that can be found in real packs of cards. NBA 2K22 is doing something similar, as it is introducing a new Authentic Card Grading Service system into MyTeam. These graded cards look a lot like real-life graded cards, and here’s what these do in NBA 2K22.

To have your card graded, you will need to submit to the the MyTeam “experts.” Once it is reviewed, you will receive the card back, and it will come with a sleeve and a grade. This grade will be between one and 10, and is similar to the ones that real-life trading cards would receive in real life. So, a 10 is a perfect graded card, while anything lower will be given a grade below that number.

Grades are important to use in MyTeam for this reason: graded cards will receive an in-game boost. This boost doesn’t affect the attributes of the card, but it will have an effect on how much MT coins you receive after the game. The more graded cards that are in the lineup, the more MT you will get. And, the grade matters as well. For example, an 8 grade card will grant a very small bonus, while a 9.25 grade will give a medium bonus.

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