How Charge Towers work in Apex Legends

Get a boost.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Need a boost? The new Charge Towers in Apex Legends might be exactly what you need to use. These yellow towards in the game now serve as a new tool to provide you and your team with an edge while you’re playing the game.

A Charge Tower provides your Legend with a full Charge for their Ultimate. You want to use it when you don’t have too much power for your Ultimate or make sure someone on your squad utilizes it. If you recently used your Ultimate and need to recharge it, that’s the best time to locate one of these useful structures to help you out on your journey.

You need to interact with the Charge Tower’s control panel to activate it. You can find it at the base of the Charge Tower. Everyone inside of the tower’s radius, including enemies, will receive the Ultimate charge. Before you activate it, make sure to ensure your allies are nearby so they can benefit from the extra charge.

You can find them all over King’s Canyon. Mostly, you can find them at the center of the larger operations, such as The Rig, found on the northeast side of the map. You can likely discover them in other locations. You want to look for the large, yellow tower sticking out at the base of a white-and-red base foundation.