How do Dynamax Adventures work in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra?

Dynamax Adventures are the big thing in Crown Tundra.

Image via Nintendo

When Pokémon Sword and Shield released Pokémon dens in the wild zone where trainers could encounter Dynamax Pokémon in their lairs. These Pokémon could be captured after the battle and required four trainers to work together to fend them off. In the game’s upcoming expansion pass, Crown Tundra, trainers will have the chance to work together to explore the inside of a Pokémon Den in a Dynamax Adventure.

The Dynamax Adventure also requires four trainers to work together to work their way through the den. Instead of using your standard Pokémon choices, you have to pick from one of the three rental options. There will be several Dynamax Pokémon hiding inside of the den. When you and your team defeat a Pokémon, a member has the chance to switch their rental Pokémon option for another way, ensuring they can survive and continue helping everyone make it deeper into the den.

By the end, they will encounter an incredible Pokémon, and these Pokémon can be one of the many legendaries that have appeared in any of the Pokémon games. Any Legendary that has ever been in a Pokémon game before Pokémon Sword and Shield has the chance to appear, so trainers can continually team up with others to capture their favorite legendary Pokémon only once.

During the Dynamax Adventure, players will have the opportunity to heal their Pokémon, or switch out the one they rented by capturing Pokémon they battled during the adventure, or by meeting with one of the NPCs on the road. You and your teammates will have to choose the proper path to take down the legendary Pokémon awaiting you at the end of the tunnels.