How does the Catch Cup work in Pokémon Go? – All rules

Make sure you understand the rules before participating.

Image via Niantic

Several unique cups appear in Pokémon Go’s PvP mode each season. Some of these PvP cups only appear at certain times of the year or during specific seasons. Others are a bit more common, such as the Catch Cup. With the Catch Cup, you’ll need to follow a strict set of rules if you want to participate in these battles. In this guide, we cover how the Catch Cup works in Pokémon Go and all the rules you need to follow.

The Catch Cup rules

You can only use the Pokémon you’ve captured and added to your roster that you captured from Pokémon Go Fest 2022, which was on June 4 and 5.. Any Pokémon that does not meet this time requirement will be unavailable on your roster, giving you a limited number of choices.

After catching your desired Pokémon, make sure they do not go higher than 1,500 CP. All of your Pokémon must be under 1,500 CP. If you power up a recently captured Pokémon and exceed 1,500 CP, they will also be unavailable.

You would have needed quite a bit of foresight to participate in the Catch Cup for Pokémon Go, unfortunately. You may have a limited roster if you did not participate too actively during Pokémon Go Fes.

You’ll want to make sure you create a robust roster and remain flexible for these Pokémon battles. However, because of these limitations, not every player will actively participate in the Catch Cup at this time. We recommend not taking these fights too seriously and using these battles for experimentation. You can always revert to playing the Ultra League.