How Earn coins in Dead or Alive 6 Guide

The new fighting game of Team Ninja offers you a lot of objects and cosmetics to work on. To get them, however, you will need a good amount of coins. Here’s everything you need to know about how to quickly get coins in Dead or Alive 6.

What are the coins in Dead or Alive 6 for?

Coins are necessary in the game to unlock the characters’ costumes once all parts of the costume have been unlocked. These parts are unlocked after completing a Dead or Alive mission with all its stars. The coins are also used to unlock accessories such as glasses and additional hairstyles for each character in Dead or Alive 6.

How to earn coins fast in Dead or Alive 6?

Method #1: Follow the missions with the stars

First of all, you will receive coins for each star you get in the missions. Stars are basically requirements or challenges to complete such as getting 35 damage in a single combo or dealing damage to a sideways opponent three times.

Method #2: Overcome the main missions

In addition to this, you can quickly get coins by doing Dead or Alive main missions. This is the fastest method to earn coins.

Method #3: Play freely or in versus mode

The slower method is play the story mode without following missions, in free mode or in versus mode with other players.

Here’s everything you need to quickly get coins in Dead or Alive 6. Have fun!