How long does it take to beat Neo: The World Ends With You?

You’ll be stuck in the reapers’ game for a while.

Image via Square Enix

NEO: The World Ends With You thrusts players into the city of Tokyo with plenty of story content, side missions, and collectibles to find. A Japanese RPG can be a Herculean task to finish, but you may be happy to know NEO: The World Ends With You is slightly shorter than the likes of Persona 5 Royal for those who simply want to breeze through the story. Here is exactly how long NEO: The World Ends With You is.

How long will it take to beat NEO: The World Ends With You?

In April 2021, NEO: The World Ends With You director Hiroyuki Ito said to 4Gamer that it will take 50 hours to complete the RPG as there is a “lot more to do in the game.” As the reaper’s game takes place within one week, it should be easy to track how far into the story you are unless there are any unexpected twists in the narrative.

How long is NEO: The World Ends With You for completionists?

Image via Square Enix

Those who want to scour the whole city in search of a complete collection of every character profile, sticker, and pin will have a playtime that “will reach the triple digits,” according to the series director Tatsuya Kando. “There’s a lot to collect in the game, everything from character profiles to pins, with some challenging fights thrown in as well,” said Kando. “Clearing certain milestones in the game allow players to receive graffitied stickers, which you can decorate the backstreets of Udagawa with.”

Like Pokemon, the pins can evolve into new, more powerful forms, so if you want to collect every type, you’ll have to earn experience during battles.