How Much Will The PS5 Cost?

How much you will need to spend for next gen.

PlayStation 5

As time goes on, more and more information is released about the PlayStation 5. We know a Ryzen CPU, and Navi GPU will power it. We know it will take advantage of an SSD for faster loading times. We also know the system will use some of the kind magic to support up to 8K graphics. We even know it will release in the Holiday Season of 2020. What you don’t know yet is the price.

How Much Will The PlayStation 5 Cost?

To date, Sony has yet to hint at a price for the PlayStation 5. Why this is the case is self-evident. Two main factors will impact the cost. The first is the manufacturing cost of the parts. Over the last few years, this has been a reasonably volatile market, impacted by different market trends and political factors. The second will be whether the console launches before, or after, the new Xbox. Generally speaking, the first to market will set the price, with the later entrant deciding if they want to price themselves at the same level, undercut the opposition, or position themselves as a premium product.

Noted Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda has predicted a $499 start point, with the potential for a greater price for models that include larger SSDs being made by other analysts. This would also fall into line with a prediction made by Pelham Smithers, MD of market research firm Pelham Smithers and Associates, who made some accurate predictions about the potential hardware of the console, attaching a $500 price point before any information had initially been revealed about the console.

I would personally hazard a guess of about $500 based on the components that we know will be in the system. The real factor that will impact the price is how much of a hit Sony is willing to absorb to have people elect to go with their new offering next year. They could decide to sell at a loss to bring people into the new ecosystem, but how much of a loss will make sense to them won’t be known until much closer to launch.

There is also the difficult to predict factor of a trade war between American and China impacting the price as well, due to tariffs. For now, it is tough to say what the cost of the PlayStation 5 might be, but we will keep you updated with any breaking news around the price of the upcoming console.