How persistent shortcuts work in Hitman 3

A new path to shave down your time.

Image via IO Interactive

Navigating your way around a Hitman map is extremely important. Not do you have limited time to make use of exclusive opportunities before the window closes, but your target could maneuver themselves to a difficult location, making it harder to gain access to them. In Hitman 3, developer IO Interactive wants to give players an incentive to explore and investigate new parts of a map. If you’re clever and have the correct tool available to you, you’ll be able to gain access to and unlock a persistent shortcut.

The shortcut will be somewhere off the beaten path of the mission in Hitman 3. You’ll likely have to find it, and the path will initially be blocked, preventing you from proceeding and entering a new portion of the location. However, if you arrive at the shortcut with the appropriate tool, such as a crowbar, you’ll be able to unlock this area. It makes it easier to traverse the map, and the best part is these persistent shortcuts remain unlocked every time you return to that map. You only have to unlock them once.

There will be multiple on each Hitman 3 map. These will be a huge help for players who attempt to complete specific maps and eliminate targets in a certain amount of time to earn the most points on a specific contract. It may take a few playthroughs to unlock them all. Still, the persistent shortcut concept is a great way to encourage players to explore outside of their comfort zone when tackling a particularly well-protected target.