How the Adrenaline Rush skill works in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A shot in the arm.

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Lucent Nargacuga is one of the monsters added in Title Update 1 to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and with it comes new weapons and armor for hunters everywhere to craft and equip. Available after you reach Master Rank 10 and defeat Seething Bazelgeuse, Silver Rathalos, and Gold Rathian, Lucent Nargacuga is a great fight, and the armor you can make from its materials comes with an equally fantastic skill called Adrenaline Rush. Provided you can keep it active, Adrenaline Rush is a massive buff to your damage and overall combat efficiency. Here’s how the Adrenaline Rush skill works and where you can get it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to get the Adrenaline Rush Skill and what it does

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When active, Adrenaline Rush provides up to a flat +30 bonus to your attack stat. To activate it, you need to perfectly-timed dodge just as a monster’s attack is about to land. This requirement makes it especially good for Switch Axe and Dual Blades users, but any weapon class that relies on spot-dodging can take advantage.

There is only one source of Adrenaline Rush in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: Lucent Nargacuga armor. Unlike Defiance, which comes in Decoration form, you must equip Lambent armor to unlock the Skill. The Lambent Wristrays gauntlets provide two levels of Adrenaline Rush, and the Lambent Gaiters leg armor provides one level. Here are the effects of all three levels of the Skill:

  • Adrenaline Rush Level 1: While active, receive a temporary attack power boost of +10.
  • Adrenaline Rush Level 2: While active, receive a temporary attack power boost of +15.
  • Adrenaline Rush Level 3: While active, receive a temporary attack power boost of +30.

Equipping both required pieces of Lucent Nargacuga armor nets you the highest bonus but closes you off from other fantastic skills like Defiance or Chain Crit, which also come on Leg Armor. Your ultimate choice will come down to preference and your ability to consistently perfect dodge monster attacks. If you don’t use a weapon type that relies on doing — Greatsword, for instance — this Skill is also not up your alley. If Adrenaline Rush is something you are interested in, the investment can be well worth it.