How the hot tub works in Valheim

Did you bring the drinks?

Image via Iron Gate

The hot tub is an item you can make in Valheim where you’ll be able to sit down in heated water and relax with your friends inside of your home. This item was added during the Hearth and Home update, and you’ll be to make it when you acquire tar, a resource you can find in the Plains biome. While the hot tub is a lovely addition to any Viking’s home, how it works is a little vague.

You primarily want to set the hot tub somewhere in your home because it will increase your overall comfort. Your comfort level determines how long your Resting buff lasts in Valheim, which is buff all players receive while inside of a home, and they’re resting in it. You’ll receive it after waking up, and it greatly increases your health and stamina regeneration.

The hot tub will do this as well, further increasing the length of your Resting buff. The trick is you need to treat the hot tub like a fire. The funnel, in the back of the hot tub where it accepts the wood, will slowly bellow up and let out the smoke. If you do not have an open space for the smoke to escape, you’re going to smoke your home out, damaging yourselves and making it more of a mess than an actual relaxing spot. You have to remember that the smoke will rise, so you want to make to have a nearby window or an open area in your roof for it to escape.

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Beyond increasing the comfort level of your home, the hot tub doesn’t do too much. But it’s a fun addition for Vikings looking to relax at the end of a long day. So make sure you’re sitting down to fully enjoy the hot tub, although you do become wet when you do this.