Everything we know about the Marvel’s Avengers beta – How to get access, dates, content

Try out the superhero life.

Marvel’s Avenger was revealed at E3 2019, and it will be launching on Sep. 4, later this year. The game can be played as either a single-player or a cooperative experience with up to four players. In the game, you will be able to step into the super shoes of Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. However, You won’t need to wait until Sep. 4 to get your hands on the game, as there will be a beta for the game before then.

How To Access Marvel’s Avengers Beta

There are three different betas that players will be able to take part in, with the first one happening on PlayStation 4 for people who have preordered the game. After that comes a beta for people who have preordered on Xbox and PC beta, and open beta on PlayStation 4. Finally, there will be an open beta on all platforms.

When is the beta?

This gets just a little complicated, so we will break all the dates and platforms down for you below:

  • August 7 – PlayStation preorder Beta
  • August 14 – Xbox and PC Preorder beta
  • August 14 – PlayStation open beta
  • August 21 – Open beta across all platforms

What will be in the Beta?

  • Single-player hero missions
  • Coop War Zone missions
  • A maximum hero level of 15
  • A maximum power level of 45
  • Hero and World progress
  • Starting skill pages for Iron man, Hulk, Kamala, and Black Widow

Before the various beta weekends begin, Crystal Dynamics will be hosting a War Table presentation on July 29 at 10 am PT. During this presentation, they will be detailing what you can expect to get up during the beta. You will be able to watch the War Table on the official Marvel’s Avenger website.

In a statement that was released with the beta details, Creative Director Shaun Escayg said “We built the beta in such a way that you can experience most of the things that you’ll be doing in the full game”. The beta will contain story missions, co-op missions, hero and world progression, and War Zone and Drop Zone exploration, which will all be detailed during the War Table event.